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Important Information Regarding How to Use 1xBet Bonus

The 1xBet company has slowly transformed the betting game in so many ways. However, the most outstanding features of all are the various bonus available for users. The bonuses offered by the platform are usually dependent on how consistent you are and if you’re a new user.

However, the question of how to use 1xBet bonus? is expected from a lot of new users, who have no idea how their bonuses can be used, or aren’t conversant with how important their offer conditions are. It is important for everyone to fully understand each of the 1xBet bonus rules before claiming any bonus. You can, also get any bonus in nearly all regions, as well as, the India bonus.

If you’re eager to gain a lot more knowledge regarding how to use bonus and the rules that comes with it, then keep reading. Also, if you are curious about the benefit of a bonus account, fret not, because we can enlighten you.

How to Use 1xBet Bonus

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What Actually Is 1xBet Bonus?

Any bonus gotten from 1xBet basically represents a sum of money provided for the purpose of betting. Essentially, the amount is highly dependent on the specific form of bonus received. Usually, bonuses can either be in the form of welcome or promotional bonuses.

To make it easier to access any type of bonus, you most definitely need to make a deposit into your account. Also, there are some rules to consider before you can become eligible.

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How to Obtain the Welcome 1xBet Bonus

Immediately you are signed up/ registered, you are eligible for the benefits that come with a bonus 1xBet. 1xBet offers new users the welcome bonus as a form of indoctrination into their family.
For most parts of the world, as well as India, the bonus usually falls within the range of €1500 and free spins (150). Is

Usually, 1xBet bonus can be sectioned into 4 options of deposit bonuses. They are;

  • First deposit – 100% of over €300 and free spins (30).
  • Second deposit – 50% of over €350 and free spins (35).
  • Third deposit – 25% of over €400 and free spins (40).
  • Fourth deposit – 25% of over €450 and free spins (45).

Once you adhere to all 1xBet bonus rules, then you can have immediate access to benefits like the welcome bonus. From then on, how to use 1xBet bonus account is solely based on your preference. Also, the question of β€œhow to use or bonus” still remain dependent on your preferences and the available games.

Receive Your 1xBet Deposit Bonus

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Receive Your 1xBet Deposit Bonus

You already know about the first bonus 1xBet you receive after registering on their site for the first time. However, there is a different bonus offered to you after processing your very first payment.
This is known as your first deposit bonus.

As long as your first deposit after registration is equal or over €1, then you are eligible. One of the most amazing part about this bonus offer is that it is 100%! So, you basically get your money back. It’s important to know that the largest possible bonus amount is €130. In order to get such a bonus, it’s necessary to deposit at least €100 and use the 1xBet promo code India.

Once your very first payment deposit is successful, your 100 first deposit bonus is then activated automatically, and you own all benefits. However, the rule regarding this 1xBet deposit bonus is that it must be rolled over 3 subsequent days once you receive your bonus. Unfortunately, failure to adhere to this rule means you lose your bonus. Also, 1xBet deposit bonus offers is prohibited from combining with other forms of offers.

Thus, it is important you meet all first deposit bonus conditions to assure a nice experience with the bonus w 1xBet.

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What Are the 1xBet Bonus Rules?

It is necessary for the following 1xBet bonus rules to be adhered to by all users. It is essentially important for new betters to know more about the bonus rules.

They are;

  • Your first real deposit will have to fall within the range of 1 Euro and above. After which, your bonus of 100% will be given to you.
  • After this, ensure to roll over the bonus 5 times on several bets.
  • The roll over will have to be within events 3 times (1.40 odds).
  • Your location has to support this service. Thus, you absolutely have to ascertain availability.
  • Your deposit has to be utilized within a period of 30 days. Once it goes beyond this duration, it will expire.

1xBet Bonus Rules

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Tips for Getting a 1xBet Bonus Account and What It Means

If you’re just getting your very own 1xBet deposit bonus, then you are more than qualified to get your bonus account.

Essentially, you stand a chance of getting your very own Cashback Program (VIP Status). With this program, you easily earn a cashback bonus. These steps help users obtain your 1xBet bonus account;

  1. Obtain your code for a promo after joining the site. This will immediately take you to a level status (Copper).
  2. Choose from the variety of available games; slots, live casino, etc.. This will set you up for your own bonus account.
  3. Gather a lot of points, because they will help you earn a cashback. Also, depending on how hard you work, you can attain a new status (VIP).
  4. You are then able to withdraw the funds as cashback. This can be done essentially once in 7 days..
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1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules and Lots of Other Promotions

One thing you should keep in mind is that the 1xBet deposit bonus isn’t the only bonuses available. There is, also, the welcome 1xBet bonus and a variety of other offers. Check out these other benefits by 1xBet;

  1. Jackpots Bonuses (Daily) 1xBet offers jackpot bonuses to its users daily from time to time. Essentially, these jackpot bonus can skyrocket you to win amazing prizes, almost immediately you begin to gamble. All of the casino games like Roulette, 21 Online, Pachinko, and PF Dice are available in this bonus.
  2. Lucky Friday Bonuses The 1xBet lucky 1xBet Friday bonus offers users a chance to get a 100 euros every Friday. As much as this is exciting, it is essential you go through all 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules before partaking in it.
  3. Lucky Day Bonuses You’re probably curious and excited over how does the 1xBet bonus work daily? Well, the offer is very straightforward. All you need is a ticket, which you can get on the site’s offer page. Once gotten, your chances of winning are relatively high.
  4. No Risk Bets (over €10) The one amazing thing about using the No risk types of bets is that a refund is possible. Thus, the bonus 1xBet offer works like this; place your bet immediately the offer begins, and you are automatically added. If you use your funds to gamble & lose some money close to €10, you get your refund immediately. This is indeed a profitable bonus.
  5. X2 Wednesday Promotion Offer Once you qualify for all Friday bonus rules then partake in the Friday offer, you immediately have easy access to using their Wednesday promotion. You stand the chance of winning €100 by placing up to 5 bets (1.40). However, you need to make a deposit of 2 euros to get the bonus. This bonus 1xBet wednesday can boost your chances of winning.
  6. Birthday Bonus Offers 1xBet helps users celebrate on their special day by giving them this amazing 1xBet bonus. This birthday bonus is unlike any other and great for making users excited on their birthdays. Each bonus use is strictly based on your preferences. However, you must be knowledgeable about the bonus rules of this bonus too.

Asides from the aforementioned, there is another Monday bonus available to users. Also, you can get up to 20-500 bonuses.

1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules

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All You Need to Know about the 1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules

Meeting all 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules is essential to qualify for the Friday bonus. Below are the necessary bonus rules;

  1. You can get the bonus, by making a minimum deposit of €1.
  2. You then need to wager the bonus up to three times within 24 hours. This specific Happy Friday bonus rules is essential to prevent you from losing your bonus.
  3. With money equal or over 100 Euros as a deposit, you get 100% bonus.
  4. Each person is only eligible for 1 bonus.
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Types of 1xBet Bonus Games

One of the amazing parts of having a bonus account at VIP level is the available bonus 1xBet games. To improve the chances of users getting different 1xBet Bonus, the 1xBet developers have incorporated a variety of fun games for your choosing. These games can be accessed via your bonus account.

Below are a few of all bonus games available for users;

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

Thus, you can easily earn a variety of games bonus via exciting games.

1xBet Bonuses in India

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Conclusion on 1xBet Bonuses

In conclusion, it is normal to have new users ask certain questions like how to use 1xBet bonus and the bonus conditions needed to be met. Also, your questions might lean towards what exactly is a 1xBet deposit bonus. You might, also, be wondering about how to set up your very own account.

The above information makes it easier to grasp, and even sheds a light on the uses of your bonus code. Thus, every other question regarding how to use 1xBet bonus, withdrawal and conditions has been answered thoroughly.Registration bonus

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