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1xBet Deposit Methods India – A Detailed Review

1xBet is arguably the most amazing bookmakers available online across the world. Founded many years ago, their level of expertise sets them above other sportsbook platforms, especially across India.

Increasingly, there has been a positive surge in the request for online betting platforms, and 1xBet has not disappointed. They have gone as far as expanding their amazing services to as many areas possible globally. India happens to fall in the list of recent countries to partake in their services and it has been great.

The payment options, as well as a variety of promos & bonuses can leave you pondering on how the 1xBet deposit is used. Also, it is typical, especially for new users to be bothered about how deposit charges work.

Fortunately, this detailed review is all you need to be well informed about all you need regarding deposit issues. The following are the vital factors to note.

1xBet Deposit Methods India

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Possible Charges for a 1xBet Deposit

A major part of using the 1xBet platform, aside from the convenience that comes with gambling is the available bonuses. A variety of bonuses are made available for the following purposes;:

  • Daily bonus
  • Wednesday bonus
  • Friday bonus
  • Happy Friday Promotion
  • Welcome Offer

These, however, do not represent all the bonuses, as there is more where that came from.
Basically, what you need to note is that to get any of the bonus, a deposit will most likely be requested. Thus, the 1xBet deposit is usually dependent on the type of bonus you need. Although, some of the bonuses do not need a deposit, there are a few that require a small sum. Some examples are; the Happy Friday bonus and Welcome bonus.

1xBet Deposit Charges

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What Are the Specific 1xBet Deposit Charges?

For every 1xBet bonus, you might need to make a deposit of 1 Euro to get payment. For most situations, you get a hundred percent bonus, especially if your deposit is equal to or over 100 Euros.

Here are the forms of bonuses and their specific charges;

  • Welcome Bonuses
    First things first, every new user is eligible for welcome bonuses immediately they register on the site. Also, they will need to carry out a 1xBet minimum deposit of 1 Euros. Without this, the bonus, which includes 1,500 Euros and free bets (150) will be terminated.
  • First Deposit Bonuses
    The very first time you make a 1xBet deposit, you will be rewarded. Essentially, as a new user, depositing a sum of 130 Euros guarantees you get one hundred percent back!
  • Lucky Friday Bonuses
    Akin to the bonuses mentioned prior to this, the bonuses gotten every Friday require a deposit as well. The 1xBet deposit charges for this specific bonus type is between 1-100 Euros.

How to Deposit in 1xBet from India

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Different Methods of How to Deposit in 1xBet from India

1xBet has a variety of payment options for users to make their 1xBet deposit, regardless of location. As much as two hundred (200) payment options are accepted on the site. This is to ensure convenience for users worldwide. However, the methods required for a 1xBet minimum deposit India are different. Thus, let’s jump into only the available payment options in India;

  1. Credit/Debit Cards
    Making 1xBet deposits using a bank card is easy, secure and widely recognized. Usually credit/debit cards like Entropay, Visa and MasterCard are suitable for 1xBet minimum deposit. To make payments with your bank card, the site will redirect you to a sectioned page, which will require you to give personal information. Also, be rest assured that every transaction is encrypted and secure, so you don’t have to worry about any fraudulent issues.
  2. E-Wallets Method
    Over the years, E-Wallets have slowly risen above every form of digital payments there is. Currently, known for its highly encrypted network, transactions via e-wallets are safe and fast. Most deposits done with an e-wallet takes under 24hrs to deliver. Here a few types of e-wallets supported on the site;

    • Perfect Money
    • Sticpay
    • Skrill
    • PayPal
    • EPay
  3. Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies are the brand new digital money great for global digital payments. Cryptocurrencies are easily the future of digital payments and it’s gaining popularity on online gambling sites. You can easily make a 1xBet minimum deposit with any of these cryptocoins;
    • Dogecoin
    • Litecoin
    • Bitcoin
    • Dash
    • Ethereum
  4. Mobile Transfers Bank transfers using a mobile application are the go to for everyone right now. Thus, you can make l1xBet deposits using a mobile application too. For convenience, the 1xBet platform has included their own mobile application. This way, you can make transfers on the go!

1xBet Minimum Deposit in India

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What Is the 1xBet Minimum Deposit in India?

If you’re wondering what exactly is the 1xBet minimum deposit India, then keep reading. Now, you might think based on the services and bonuses offered by the site, it would be a lot. However, the opposite is the case. The minimum deposit, which is 1 Euro is enough to get you a Welcome and First deposit bonus of as much as 100 euros!

Also, you do not have to worry about 1xBet deposit charges as you withdraw your funds. Just like the deposits, they are secure and often processed quickly. However, one major distinct between deposits and withdrawals, is the fact that the charges for withdrawals are usually more compared to 1xBet minimum deposit.

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Changing Currency for a 1xBet Deposit

For a lot of people, it is much more effective and efficient to carry out their 1xBet deposit in their own currency. Although, there is a percentage that wouldn’t mind paying charges for normal transaction on the site, there is a number who would prefer it in their own currency. Essentially, your chosen currency can influence the charges for deposits and withdrawals.

Unfortunately, after setting up your account, there’s no available option for choosing your preferred currency to make your deposits. However, if you desperately need process a 1xBet minimum deposit India using an alternative currency, you might need to contact customer care to help out. The 1xBet personnels should be able to help you out.

1xBet deposit advantages

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Conclusion on 1xBet deposit advantages and problems

As a new user, navigating how to process your 1xBet minimum deposit India is difficult. With so many payment types, you’re bound to get confused at some point. Thus, we hope our detailed review has answers whatever questions you might have regarding the many 1xBet deposit methods India, as well as, deposit charges.

With these information, you can be sure the payments processes will be a breeze once you sign up! Also, be sure to try the 1xBet bkash deposit depending on how conducive the method is to you.Registration bonus

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